Installing and Configuring Active Directory Domain Services on Windows 2012 Server

Installing and Configuring Active Directory Domain Services on Windows 2012 Server – step by step
         Hi guys here you will get step by step procedure to install and configure Active Directory Domain Services on Server 2012

       1.  Open Server Manager > Go to Manage and click on Add Roles and Features.

2. Click Next

3.       Click Next

4.       Click Next,

5.       Now Select Active Directory Domain Services, it will ask you to add required features for ADDS,Click Add Features and Click next

6.       Click Next

7.       Note the things and click Next,

8.      Confirm installation Selections and Click Install,it will strat installing ADDS

9.       After the installation click Close
NOTE – In the this version it is necessary to install the ADDS role and promote the domain controller, In previous version (2003 or 2008) it was not necessary, We can directly promote DC without adding the role in previous version.

10.   Now Go to Server Manager, Click Notifaction flag and click on “Promote this server to a domain controller”

11.   Select the Deployment operations, in this scenario we don’t have the forest , so will proceed with Add a new Forest and give root domain name as per you choice and Click Next. 
12.   Select functional Level of the new forest and root domain, Specify domain controller capabilites, if it is first domain in you forest then it must be the Global Catalog(GC) and if you don’t have DNS already in you infrastructer then select DNS and GC and provide Directory Services Restore Mode Password, DSRM is useful while you performing restoration of deleted objects, Click Next
13.   Click Next, you can create DNS Delegations if you have Authoriative Parent DNS on place. 

14.   Now it will verify the NetBIOS name assigned to the domain is unique or not, if we have same domain name already exists in our infrastucture then it will prompt you to change it. 

15.   Specify the location of the AD DS Database, log files and SYSVOL, it is best practics to keep Database folder and log files folder on different volume, will proceed with defaults , so click next

16.   Review all the selections that you have made, on right side there is view script click on it , it will open script in notepad, it will very use when you have more than one DC need to be configured.Click Next

17.   And now let the server to verify the prerequisites that need to be validated before ADDS installation, it will complete with few warnings as we have not created DNS delegation and we have not allow cryptography algorithms. Don’t worry just Click Install

18.   It will reboot once and we have done with all things

NOTE – after the reboot you have to login with domain administrator account with the same old password which you were using for local administrator account.

Heartly Thank To All for reading this

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