Step By Step Installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Part 2

  1. In this setting we have to define the computer that will be managed by this management server.



  1. Select install my first site if this is the first installation in your organization. 

  1. Give the Site Name and keep the default port for all the services and make sure that all ports are allowed in firewall.



  1. Select the type of database you want to use. Let the Default Embedded Database selected if clients are less than 1000 or use Microsoft SQL Server Database if you have more than 1000 clients with multiple sites or servers.


  1. Give Company Name User name and password.



  1. Here need to create an encryption password which useful in event of Disaster recovery.



  1. Provide the SMTP settings.



  1. Click, Next



  1. Click, Finish.




  1. Here we have Successfully Installed and Configured Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. I hope this is been informative for you.

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Step By Step Installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Part 1


  1. Download the SEPM package and execute the Setup.exe.


  1. Select Install Symantec Endpoint protection.

  1. Now, Install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. It will Start Preparing to Install


  1. Click, Next.

  1. Accept the terms in the license agreement and click next.

  1. Choose the appropriate folder where you want to keep all Symantec Program Files. And Click Next.



  1. Check the Installation requirements And Next.  


  1. If your system meets the installation requirement then only it will let you to proceed Next.



     9 .Need to configure the Management Server, Click Next. 


  1. Select the Default Configuration if the client are less than 100 & choose the Custom Configuration if the client are more than 100.Here we can restore the configuration if we have the previously server installed (in case of Rebuilding)




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