Monitoring the DirectAccess Server

Implementing Microsoft DirectAccess Step by Step: Part 6
The DirectAccess server includes an excellent tool to monitor the activity of the DirectAccess clients.
Shown in Figure 17, it provides an overall status of the DirectAccess server, status and activity of the individual DirectAccess components, and detailed statistics on the components. The figure shows that the Teredo components are active, indicating that there are DirectAccess clients using Teredo but none using IP-HTTPS.

                                                     FIGURE 17 DirectAccess Monitoring

The DirectAccess Monitoring tool provides information on the traffic activity, data, and control traffic counters for the following components:

· Teredo Relay

· Teredo Server

· 6to4



· Network Security

· DNS Server

The status information in the tool is updated every 10 seconds and the status indicators for the components will change depending on the health and activity of the component. For example:

· Green indicates current activity in the component.

· Orange indicates the component is idle.

· Yellow indicates the component is experiencing issues.

· Red indicates that the component has failed.

To access the DirectAccess Monitoring tool use the following steps:
1. On DA, launch Server Manager.

2. Expand Features\DirectAccess and select Operations Status.

3. The details window will show the component status screen. As connections are made, the status will update every 10 seconds to show the activity.

4. To see the performance metrics for any given component, click on the Details button to launch
Performance Monitor with the appropriate counters.

The DirectAccess Monitoring tool gives access to dozens of key performance metrics in graphical or tabular format. These metrics are invaluable for monitoring and troubleshooting the DirectAccess infrastructure.

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