Exchange 2010 Initialization Failed

Exchange 2010 Management Console Initialization Failed


Exchange Server 2010 Initialization Failed Error:

The Following error occurred while attempting to connect to the specified Exchange Server
Above error can easily be sorted using Below steps, we have tested it in our infrastructure and it works good.

Method 1:

Close all MMC/EMC instances before proceeding.
Open Registry Editor (regedit) as the user you run the EMC under.
Go to
Look for value NodeStructureSetting.
If it is there, back it up and then remove it.

Method 2:

Close all MMC/EMC Instances before proceeding.
Open Powershell or Powershell IDE as the user you run the EMC under and execute the following command:.
Remove-ItemProperty -Path HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14\AdminTools\ -Name NodeStructureSettings
Close Powershell
After performing either of the methods above to remove the registry entry you should be able to open the Exchange Management Console and it will discover another Exchange server and connect.

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