Creating Customized Outlook Holiday Calendar Part II

Creating Customized Holiday Calendar Part II

This way we are not editing OUTLOOK.HOL file locally instead we are creating a normal user mailbox for each specific location and adding the Annual Holidays approved from official HR.

Please find the steps below:

Step – 1:

Create one Mail-Enabled user using Exchange Management Console, open EMC and expand "Recipient Configuration", now right click on Mailbox select "New Mailbox" 

   Select User Mailbox
Click Next,

Select New User, or Select Existing User if you've already created it on Active Directory., Click Next

Give Required Details, like First Name, Last Name, Name, User Logon Name (User Principal Name), and Password

Click Next,

Give Required Alias. Click on Next,

No Online Archive required at the time, Click Next.

Click New,

Click Finish.

Step – 2:

On Client machine Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 and configure Mail Account for Holiday Calendar. If you don't get below window then goto "Control Panel" -> Select Mail -> Click On Show Profiles -> And Add New Profile then you'll get the similar window as below:

Click Next, after giving required input like, Your Name, Email Address, Password provided for the account.

Click Finish as Network connection with Exchange Server has been established.

Go to your Calendar with the new account that we created few minutes back.

Click Calendar Permissions so that we can make the Holidays visible when user will access this calendar.

Below we have given full details access to the calendar, and Permission level for the calendar is Reviewer only.

Now Create Events (Holidays) for your annual year, or even next few years event. If all the dates are fixed than you can create a "New Recurring Event or New Recurring Appointment"

Step – 3:

Now you can send this steps as a viral email to all your users so that they can catch up the steps to check their holidays.

Click on Calendar,
User can See his own account, now click open Calendar

Open From Address Book…

Find your Calendar

Now you can see two calendars, one is user calendar and other is the holiday calendar which we have created earlier.

Now overlay both calendars, click  on Left Arrow as highlighted below:

It will merge with users calendar.

So this way you can create a user in Active Directory and share your Calendars officially to all the end users with ease.

If you have any question, kindly leave us a comment so that we can guide you.

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